About Our Chiropractors

Neil Robertson

neil-robertsonNeil graduated from RMIT University (Melbourne) in 1983 and has now 30 years’ experience in practice.  Neil is a wellness based Chiropractor that treats families and promotes a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve a holistic approach to health care. Neil first practiced on the Sunshine Coast 30 years ago at the Sunshine Chiropractic clinic in Nambour.  Neil has advanced certification from SOTO A/Asia and is  a certified Craniotherapist. He is also a practising JP Qual.(Qld)

Patrick Maher

Patrick also graduated from RMIT University (Melbourne) in 1990 and has 23 years experience. He uses a range of techniques, sacro-occipital technique (SOT) being his primary technique.  Patrick also has SOT certification as craniopath and has a special interest in the treatment of cranial and jaw (TMJ) problems.


Elise McMinn

Elise graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Since growing up with chiropractic from day one, her goal is to ensure others get to experience a healthy life through chiropractic care, just as she has. Elise works with people of all ages to ensure their spine and nervous system are functioning at their best.


Harriet Cowie

Harriet Cowie graduated from New Zealand College of Chiropractic and is a second generation Chiropractor. She has been under chiropractic care and surrounded by chiropractic since she was 10 minutes old. She is passionate about caring for all ages from birth to the elderly. She has seen first hand the amazing effects Chiropractic can have on people’s lives and the miracles that can occur when a person’s power has been switched on.

Theunis Nieuwoudt

Theunis Graduated from Central Queensland University (CQU Mackay). He was a late bloomer to chiropractic care and it wasn’t until his old Rugby injuries started to dramatically impact his life that he sought chiropractic care. Since then he has developed an undeniable belief in chiropractic care and has experienced first hand the powerful healing effect it has on the body. Theunis has a keen interest in sports and rehabilitation and has incorporated these aspects into his chiropractic techniques. Theunis cares for families of all ages and has an interest in those with an active and busy lifestyle to help promote holistic health and wellbeing.